„Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come“
(Victor Hugo)
A Global Art Performance Project
“In only one decade we are 10 to the power of 9 plus”. That means 10 000 000 000 people and reason enough for the statement: We live in a time demanding something better than lonesome artistic genii. Let us create a masterpiece in common which impresses by its size and colorfulness and which generates enough energy in order to start a "Creative Revolution". The initiative "ColorsBridgeCultures" expressly does not seek its position inside or outside the existing art business. It is rather an art movement powered by a strong personal engagement to realize a dream and to re-design the society on several levels.

The experiment to integrate members of the society to a large extent in the development of a joint piece of art promotes the local identity as a community, it reflects "who we are" and supports the feeling of local and national identity in the most positive sense: global thinking - local acting.

The involvement of participants, i.e. "non-professional art creators", members of local communities with the most different political, social, economic and cultural backgrounds not only promotes the creativity; it has a catalyzing function and provokes events and/or changes within the community and/or on national or international levels in a field with a continuously increasing economic significance: the creativity economy.

This is where the technique "Acrylomanie" comes into play. Created and developed over many years as individual style of art, an ultra sophisticated acrylic technique with addition of chemicals and special drying process calculations, not at all easy to imitate, yet in its simplest form as "one-layer" Acrylomanie, this technique is the interface between art and society.

<div>The idea is to create a "Country Module" of the intended modular chain-bridge construction in road show events in different countries and cities. The aluminum construction of a module is erected prior to the event's start. In the center of such an event, the artist and creator of Acrylomanie will develop together with the audience individual steps for the bridge structure according to her instructions while the colors can be freely selected. The participants will be filmed and they will sign their step which will be incorporated into the overall piece of art.  The process of "creating" in a joint event becomes more important than the resulting global artwork.

A balancing act which may shift to social worlds where art seems to have been lost or which may move towards art in a way that one could assume that it has been lost for the peoples' social understanding. With this tightrope walk - one could also describe it as performance art - a global and monumental installation of art will come into being. Acrylomanie will become a democratic and at the same time social art. Art which has to take place where life happens. In the middle of the society, in the communities where modules develop which linked together become country modules. The goal is a process of transformation. The artist undertakes the attempt to change the audience in whatsoever way. She wants them to become motivated, to make something out of the tiny seed "Creativity changes the Society". Anybody should participate, nobody is excluded. It is a significant initiative penetrating social relations much deeper than previous initiatives ever did, which were exclusively developed from artists for the society and the public field.

The initiator positions herself as service provider for the society and utilizes this pre-political space in order to accomplish a targeted combination of art and cultures through this extremely colorful masterpiece and to actively create a margin for social justice in the meaning of "art for all".

Anybody participating in the "ColorsBridgeCultures" project makes the process of creating public by means of his personal video documentation (YouToube Channel) by documenting his personal freedom to use handicraft to create art. Like this, any video becomes art. A further democratic, social piece of art is born by the technical collage of all videos.

It is the intention to provoke a spontaneous development of new creative abilities and to generate phenomena able to change existing systems, such as a collective creative consciousness  to arouse, experience and anchor spontaneous creativity in the minds by means of a jointly created crossover symbol. Bridge modules which by their wave-like and repeated concepts open an interdisciplinary dialogue on the most different social levels. Margins believed to be lost will promote tolerance and at the same time support the cultural development by the involvement and interaction of public, celebrities or politicians.

The project offers the opportunity to adequately represent the single item (step) and the whole (bridge) to which it belongs. The masterpiece cannot be minimized to individual parts, nor can the individual parts be removed from the masterpiece as a whole. This reflects the mutual dependence of individuals, society and international community.

The wave-like concept of the bridge construction is a symbol for enormous creative energy without beginning and end.

Copyright Petra Puschmann (pp-artlive) 25.03.2011, Dubai

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