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I am German and I have lived a happy life. My generation has only known growth and has always had high expectations of the State and the community.

After many years of exploration, continuous studies and experimentation, travels and integration into new cultural circles, I felt the need to redefine my artistic work. Shocked and surprised by the nonchalant attitude of my country confronted with the challenges of an evolving society, I chose sarcasm and introspection. I'm oriented towards "Intuitive Improvisation" and I'm determined to avoid the art circus which currently prevails. Art yes, but as a contribution to problem solving.

My first sculptures were predictible. Although they were my inspiration, they were still highly influenced by the teachings of my professors.

My work then progressed in spontaneity and reflected my vision of political life and relations between human beings. Greed is a central theme, a universal one as I like to say and on which I currently work.

My taste for experimenting with wood, clay, stone, steel, plaster, resin and randomly found materials as well as the impossibility of finding my usual materials in foreign countries has led to pieces such as "Die Steuerzahler" (the taxpayers) or "Picasso in Abu Dhabi" which were unpredictable. Since the mid-seventies, I have experimented with acrylic paints and developed my own unique painting techique, which I named “Acrylomanie (TM)“ . Acrylomanie has been registered as my own Trademark.

My belief in artistic creation and my ability to actively and independently express my views around a modern "brand theme" are my contribution to current developments.

My sculptures are part of a

creative era    

Real artists must awaken the creative human capital in answer to "academic proletariat" which prevails in today's market. Art has become a very complex concept, hermetically closed to many talented artists.

I see my art as a pioneering and provocative approach, creating scandal and indignation and forcing people to think. I enjoy indulging in "shocking nice" projects and whatever comes to my mind. I'd like to attack the moral conflicts and start a strong and energetic political manifestation against a more and more hostile society.

My belief in artistic creation and my ability to actively and independently express my views around a modern "brand theme" are my contributions to current developments.

My sculptures are my visual language and message.

Dubai, 1.Februar 2010

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