"Born to create”

Artistically expressing the wide range of human emotions in socio-political contexts and interactions is the basis of my creative process, my inspiration and my drive.

The combination of emotions, personal experience, interest, openness and mindfulness in my travels and stays in a variety of countries and different cultures, combined with my technical skills, seem the perfect ingredients "to make art possible."

It is my job in my time to focus attention on socio-political phenomena in order to give something back to society.

The belief in the shapeable and in the possibility of active, self-determined action in relation to a current hot topic is my artistic contribution to current events. Sculptures with a message to emerge in a creative age.

I have learned traditional processes, sculptures from clay, steel, bronze, recuperation, welding, ceramics, faience, printing, moulding, and conceptual work.

All these technical skills support the process of transformation. My creative work aims to capture human behaviour in relation to socio-political processes, analyse it, and give it a shape.

I developed my own technique, which I call "Acrylomanie"TM. At the age of 8, I still believed I had invented this casting technique. Today, after decades filled with trials and countless of my own creations based on this technique, I am convinced that this technique is the only way to create a truly great, cross-border art installation with the help of amateurs.

The current project, "Colorsbridgecultures", was conceived as a humanitarian art project to connect cultures, to create framework conditions capable of generating creativity, and to represent a symbol of the transition into a new era, the era of creativity.

Petra Puschmann

Germany, February 2015


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